Single Malt Batch #2


Single Malt Batch #2

  • Batch #2 of our single malt is still aging in barrels.

    A bottle can be purchased in advance, the bottle will be launched during April 2021.

    The pre-sale will close at the end of March.

    We buy WASH (fermented malted barley) from Alexander Brewery, a successful and long-standing cooperation. After a double distillation in our Alembic still, the new male spirit was aged in barrels in which American whiskey had previously aged and barrels in which cognac had previously aged.

    The whiskey will be bottled after an aging process of 4 and a half years with an alcoholic strength of 47.5%.

    The series is numbered and counts a total of 2000 bottles.

    You can order on the website and get the voucher home.

    Or send the voucher as a gift.

    The whiskey is kosher.

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