MATAR Blanc de Noir


MATAR Blanc de Noir

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  • The wine is produced from 100% Pinot Noir grapes.

    The source of the grapes is the Jerusalem Hills . The vintage is manual.

    Pinot Noir wine is squeezed and left with the skins for several hours. The color of the wine - very light pink .

    The wine fermented a second fermentation in the bottle and aged for a year on the yeast precipitate.
    When the day came, the Riddling phase began - a gentle shaking of the bottle and its rolling on its axis when it is placed at a 60 degree angle. This is repeated every three days for three months to reach a thorough level of cleanliness of the wine .
    At the end of this stage, a disgorging procedure is performed - freezing the neck of the bottle at minus 30 degrees, removing the yeast and replacing the temporary cork with a cork .
    A long, complex and precise process; Very personal and dedicated attitude to each bottle . This is the first vintage of the Matter Winery's sparkling wine.

    Bottled in a limited quantity.