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Privacy and disclosure of information to third parties

The company will not disclose your personal information and collected data of your activity on the website, excluding the following cases –

  • As it is required for proper delivery of the website's services;

  • If you violate the terms and conditions for using the site, or if you commit or attempt to commit actions that are viewed by the company as illegal using the website or in relation to it;

  • If the company gets a legal warrant, or a request by a certified authority, commanding to deliver your details or information about you to a third party;

  • In any dispute, claim, lawsuit, demand, or legal procedure, if there are so, between you and the company or whoever on behalf of the company;

  • For disclosure and sharing of private, statistical, and aggregative data with companies or other organizations related to the company, and with vendors, business partners, advertisers and all third parties, in accordance with the sole judgement of the company's owner. Your identity will not be revealed knowingly without your prior consent;

  • By your explicit request;


The company may use 'Cookies' for the website's regular activity, including the collection of statistical data about usage of the website, for confirming details, to adapt the website to your personal preference, for information security etc.;

Cookies are text files, created by your browser by command of the website's servers. Some of the cookies may expire on closing your browser, and others may be saved on your end device's hard drive. Cookies may contain various information, including visited pages, duration of stay on the website, from which source you entered the websites, sections, information you ask to receive etc.;

Additionally, the company uses cookies from third parties, such as Google Analytics, Google ad services and social networks such as Facebook. Cookies are meant for presenting ads for products or services based on your activities on the internet and websites or other services you visited (by a method called retargeting);

  • More information about the types of cookies that Google or its affiliates collects, how it is collected and how it is used, look at the Google privacy & terms information.

  • If you do not wish to get cookies, you can avoid that by changing your browser's configuration. For this purpose, please look at the browsers help document. In some of the services mentioned above, you can ask to be removed from cookie files collection ("Opt-Out"). For more information regarding the option to be removed from Google Analytics services, click here. For more information regarding the option for removal of Google ad services, click here.

Remember that disabling cookies may cause that you will be unable to use some of the services and features of the website. In addition, you can delete cookies on your computer at any time. 

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